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16 Grey Goat Marionette (small)

16 Grey Goat Marionette5 Star Rating
16 Grey Goat Marionette
Young Ones Enjoy The Cute As Well As Huggable 16 Grey Goat Marionette (small)

Your daughter or son can cuddle with this 16 Grey Goat Marionette , add to cart by clicking the hyperlink below.

grey goat marionette mini version puppet

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Brand:Sunny & Co Toys

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This is the mini version of our Grey Goat Marionette. There are another 8 inches of strings that manage the marionette making total height about 16 inches. The puppet itself is about 8 inches tall. Simply rock the control from side to side like an airplane dipping it's wings to make your marionette walk, skip, hop, dance and much more.


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    16 Grey Goat Marionette
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