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38 Sheepdog Marionette WB933

38 Sheepdog Marionette WB933

Sunny & Co Toys

Young children absolutely love the lovable and huggable 38 Sheepdog Marionette brought to you by Sunny & Co Toys. The key to acquiring good information about marionette puppets has been to browse a good number of comparisons. Be sure you examine the price of marionette puppets. Make a bit of additional time and you'll find exactly you ought to buy for kids at the suitable value, select the link below.

This may be the jumbo version of our Sheepdog Marionette. The puppet itself is roughly 26 inches tall. Simply rock the manage from side to side like an airplane dipping it's wings to make your marionette walk, skip, hop, dance and much a lot more. There are however another 10 inches of strings that manage the marionette making total height about 36 inches.


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