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Black Horse 16 Animal Marionettes

Black Horse 16 Animal Marionettes

Sunny & Co Toys

Model: WB352B
UPS: 683987335213

Your children will delight in this Black Horse 16 Animal , a great product from Sunny & Co Toys. I really liked that the product had string puppet body effortlessly manipulated from above by several strings attached to control. Getting the Black Horse 16 Animal . To get the product now at the best price, visit our partners via the link below.

Realistically looking Baby Marionette Puppet is in fact a smaller version of string puppet which suitable for hands even young kids! Note: The actual puppet might have slight differences from shown on the image. Favorite for centuries, marionette string puppets will help you to create unforgettable puppets shows of your own, which will teach and greatly please children or adult audience. Browse by way of and choose from many other comparable products available under animal marionettes puppets category. The most detailed marionettes puppets available on the market place! String puppet body effortlessly manipulated from above by quite a few strings attached to manage. Extremely entertaining and fun, however provides developmental value and educational message. Exceptionally produced from the highest quality long lasting supplies this string puppet will satisfy 1 of the most professional puppeteer. The marionette puppet has an airplane-type control which, when rocked side-to-side, causes the puppet to walk, run or dance.


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