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Donkey 16 Animal Marionette

Donkey 16 Animal Marionette
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Sunny and Co Toys

Model: WB390
UPS: 683987339006

Donkey 16 Animal Marionette manufactured by Sunny And Co Toys will probably be your youngster's best new toy. I really loved that the marionette had the feature of animal measures about 10" high and with the strings and control stick 16". Additional features include things like easy to operate, washable and interactive toy. It weighs close to 0.27 lbs, visit the hyperlink below.

Operating this marionette is really easy and the marionette will quickly come to life in your child's hands. Detachable strings make for ease of untangling. Great as a teacher's helper and a wonderful birthday gift. Promotes the development of fine motor expertise. Watch imaginations develop! The animal itself measures 10"high and is attached to the handle by a twelve inch line with tangle-proof fasteners.


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