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China Educational Products - Chinese Lion Dragon Marionette Puppet #21423 - 14 Inches Long

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Model: 21423
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Little ones fancy the lovable and huggable Educational Products . I certainly loved that the item has encourages creative play! paper in the mouth can easily be removed. Additional features consist of use for a chinese new year decoration! and 14 inches long. The product number for this marvelous marionette puppet is 73-NNCX-OT28. Shopping for Educational Products , add to cart by selecting the hyperlink below.

Cute Chinese lion dragon puppet with strings to create it appear like it is walking and dancing! The puppet stands 8 inches tall on the back and 12 inches lengthy to the top of his head not like the tail. A great decoration, too! This marionette type puppet is great for plays and hours of fun! ***The paper in it's mouth can very easily be removed! The 14 inch long velvet and faux feather puppet has six, 20 inch lengthy strings attached to it plus a plastic paddle to make your lion move!


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