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Girl In Green Marionette

Girl In Green Marionette

Sunny Puppets

MPN: WB1701
Package Quantity: 1

Your toddler may take the Girl In Green Marionette manufactured by Sunny Puppets everyplace. Is this going to truly make the youngster satisfied? Testamonials are the best way to receive the informatioin needed for both price and quality related with everything. Cheapest price Girl In Green Marionette . For the greatest deal for this item and other marionette puppets, check out the shopping cart add to shopping cart button.

Each puppet is 17 to 18 inches tall plus another 7 inches of string to the control totals 24 to 25 inches in all. Just rock the control from side to side like an airplane dipping its wings to make your marionette walk, skip and hop. (Pictured second from left) NOTE: Listing is for a single puppet only.


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