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Model: WB1641
UPS: 683987316410
Package Quantity: 1

Young ones fall in love with the lovable and huggable Girl Marionette brought to you by Sunny Puppets. Product# WB1641. It's my opinion you will love that it offers this feature, girl marionette measures 22 inches from the controler to the bottom of the marionette. The marionette puppet has got a weight of 0.35 lbs. The important thing to acquiring good information would likely be to review an assortment of user reviews, maybe even including the terrible and the best. Best deal on Girl Marionette .

Each and each puppet is 17 to 18 inches tall plus another 7 inches of string for the control totals 24 to 25 inches in all. (Pictured second from left) NOTE: Listing is for a single puppet only. Just rock the control from side to side like an airplane dipping its wings to create your marionette walk, skip and hop.


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