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Marionette Jose

Marionette Jose

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Model: SM3631C
UPS: 890980002251
Package Quantity: 1

The Marionette Jose is a marvellous toy doll. A listing of special features include 24" total height and "tangle free". Take into account that you can find a marvelous gift for kids without spending too much To take advantage of the low price I ran across, click on our store add to cart button on this page.

Our marionette string puppets will hop, skip, and dance simply by moving the control bar and strings. Please note this marionette is plush and great for a childs 1st marionette. Simply pop out the peg on the control bar to remove and untangle the strings if needed. The strings connected for the control bar are about 8"in length. Total length from the best in the"T"control bar to the toe with all the marionette is around 24 ". The manage bars we use offer a"tangle free of charge"feature. As with all of our people marionettes the puppet itself is roughly 16"tall from head to toe.


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