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Marionette Katie

Marionette Katie

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Model: SM3521
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Your little child will definitely hug to this Marionette Katie by Silly Puppets. The features are "tangle free", 24" total height and marionette. Lowest price Marionette Katie . For the greatest offer for this item and various other products, check out the market add to shopping cart button below.

Our marionette string puppets will hop, skip, and dance simply by moving the manage bar and strings. As with all of our people marionettes the puppet itself is roughly 16"tall from head to toe. Please note this marionette is plush and great for a childs first marionette. The strings connected for the manage bar are around 8"in length. The manage bars we use supply a"tangle free"function. Simply pop out the peg on the manage bar to take away and untangle the strings if needed. Total length from the leading inside the"T"control bar towards the toe inside the marionette is around 24 ".


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