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Marionette Tommy

Marionette Tommy

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Model: SM3771
UPS: 890980002282
Package Quantity: 1

A Marionette Tommy brought to you by Silly Puppets makes a great toy doll. A list of feature attributes are marionette, "tangle free" and 24" total height. For the greatest offer on this item in addition to other marionette puppets, click on our partners via the button on this page.

Our marionette string puppets will hop, skip, and dance just by moving the control bar and strings. As with all of our individuals marionettes the puppet itself is roughly 16"tall from head to toe. The control bars we use offer a"tangle cost-free"feature. Total length from the top rated in the"T"manage bar for the toe from the marionette is around 24 ". The strings connected towards the control bar are around 8"in length. Simply pop out the peg on the control bar to remove and untangle the strings if needed.


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