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Panda Bear Marionette #PA2011

Panda Bear Marionette #PA20114 Star Rating
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It's my opinion you will like that the product comes along with this feature of make your panda bear walk and move it's head!. Other highlights include not for children under 5 years old. and so much fun! soft with wooden feet. 0718122992751 is the EAN barcode, also known as the International Article Number, for this item. The marionette puppet is 8"H x 10"L x 2"W. How to buy the Panda Bear Marionette . To learn more about this marionette puppet, check out the shopping cart button on this page.

panda bear marionette plays puppet shows

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Panda bear marionette for plays or puppet shows! Fun stuffed Panda is attached to 3 fishing line kind strings attached to a control stick. Not for young young children beneath 5 years old. FUN! The plush toy kind physique measures about 10 inches tall and has wooden feet.! Make your panda walk and move it's head around!


  • 10 inches tall with a wooden paddle at the top of the strings
  • Make your panda bear walk and move it's head!
  • Panda marionette for plays and a lot of fun! !!
  • Not for children under 5 years old.
  • So much fun! Soft with wooden feet
  • Count: 1
  • Dimensions: Height: 8" Length: 10" Depth: 2"

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Panda Bear Marionette PA2011
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