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Sunny Puppets Small Monkey Marionette

Small Monkey Marionette

Sunny Puppets

Model: WB363
UPS: 683987336302
Package Quantity: 1

One of the several features for this product is the puppet itself is approximately 8 inches tall. Additional features include things like easy to use beginner marionette. UPC Number 683987336302. The marionette has a weight of 0.38 lbs. Will your kids be thrilled with the product? Reviews are the perfect to find the specifics of both the price and quality having to do with most things. With a review there can be found detailed information relating to items from people young and old who have bought them previously. Make a little bit of more time and you'll find exactly what you need to purchase for children at the proper price tag. For the greatest price on this marionette and various other marionette puppets, check out the market add to cart button on this site.


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