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Sunny Puppets White Goat 16 Animal Marionette

White Goat 16 Animal Marionette

Sunny & Co Toys

Model: WB391
UPS: 683987339105
Color: white

I certainly loved that the marionette had the feature of this toy is for children age 8 years and up!. Additional features include easy to use - long tangle free strings. These marionette puppets comes in white. The marionette has got a weight of 1 lbs. To begin with, be aware that you can find a wonderful gift for children without spending an arm and a leg Testamonials are the simplest way to gain the information needed for the price and quality of items. Using a review you will find more information relating to merchandise from individuals. Take a little more time and you will find precisely what you intend to buy for kids at a good price for your pocket book. Buying the White Goat 16 Animal Marionette .

Every of these String Marionette Puppets has an airplane-type control which, when rocked side-to-side like an airplane dipping it's wings, causes the puppet to walk or dance. This toy is for young children age 8 years and up! There are 16 inches from the control towards the bottom of the puppet's feet.


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